Public Opinion Polling and the Ipsos News & Polls Database

Public Opinion Polling

We manage the public release of all research data conducted for media partners and Ipsos clients across North America. Our clients leverage our reputation for producing balanced and objective research data to sponsor public opinion or market research. This data is released to the media, stakeholder groups, (such as governments), and is used in advertising and other marketing collateral.

For more information about conducting research intended for public release, please download our brochure, see our public release protocol, or contact us.

In Canada, the U.S., UK and internationally, Ipsos Public Affairs is the media polling supplier to Reuters News, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Ipsos Reid is the media polling partner of Global News.

Ipsos News and Polls

The Ipsos News and Polls online database contains all publicly released research undertaken for our media partners and clients in North America. Access is free to the media and available by annual subscription for individuals and groups.

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Julia Clark
Senior Vice President, US
Ipsos Public Affairs


Sean Simpson
Vice President, Canada
Ipsos Public Affairs